SURAgrid Meeting, March 7-9, 2011

SURAgrid is a consortium of organizations collaborating and combining resources to help bring grid technology to the level of seamless, shared infrastructure. The vision for SURAgrid is to orchestrate access to a rich set of distributed capabilities in order to meet diverse users' needs. Capabilities to be cultivated include locally contributed resources, project-specific tools and environments, highly specialized or HPC access, and gateways to national and international cyberinfrastructure.

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Contact Information: Linda Akli, website:

Monday   Moderator/Speaker
Joint Session with OSG
(State of OSG, Tools and Infrastructure Sessions, Enterprise Solutions Vendor Showcase, etc)

 6:00-8:00 SURAgrid Dinner
SURAgrid: SURAgrid VO
John-Paul Robinson
Linda Akli

Technology Tuesday II
Focus on Grid Computing (joint with OSG)
 Brian Bockelman
Igor Sfiligoi
 Location: NRB, Rotunda
 9:00-1:00PM  Joint Session with OSG
(VOs Status and Outlook, Keynote: LHC, OSG Status)
 1:00-2:00PM   Lunch  
 2:00-4:00  SURAgrid VO Wrap Up
John-Paul Robinson
Linda Akli