Open Science Grid - 2011 All Hands Meeting, March 7th-11th, Harvard Medical School


It is that time again! The OSG Consortium All Hands Meeting!

This very "collaborative" venue provides current and prospective OSG members, users and partners with an opportunity to talk through the activities and problems, lessons learned and future plans for the Open Science Grid Consortium.

As usual additional related meetings will be co-scheduled with the All Hands Meeting. This should be an exciting time for the US LHC with the systems being used once again for real data processing: The

US ATLAS Facility meeting and US CMS Tier-2 and Tier-3 meetings will both be held early in the week.

-- Ruth Pordes, OSG Executive Director
-- Piotr Sliz, Host, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Location: The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School, 77 Louis Pasteur Ave, Boston MA 02115
Local Accommodation:
            Best Western
(5 min walk)       
Airport Transportation Options:
            Blue Line and then Green-E Line to Longwood Medical Stop (~45 mins). MBTA
            Taxi (~15 minutes), $35-$45.
Annotated Google Map of Longwood Medical Area.

      Please contact with any questions.

      Boston Social Activities:
      Harvard Medical School is located half a mile from the famous Fenway Park, home to the Red Sox.  Downtown Boston is less than 2 miles away.  Some ideas for activities follow:
      Participating Vendors:

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      Monday Martin Conference Center: Pechet Room
      State of OSG (Opening Remarks)
      Ruth Pordes
      OSG Tools and Infrastructure I

      Enterprise Solutions Vendor Showcase Isillon (Tom DeLoriea),
      Cambridge Computer (Jacob Farmer)
      IBM (Waiman Chan)
      OSG Tools and Infrastructure II

      Security Round Table Mine Altunay (Fermilab)
       Tuesday  Martin Conference Center: Pechet Room
      Keynote: Biomedical Research
      Gael McGill
      Technology Tuesday I - Focus on HTPC

       12:00-2:30 Vendor Demo Session (Room 216)
      Dell, Cambridge Computer, Isilon, Advanced Clustering Tech., IBM, Globus, Galois 
       2:00-2:30 Science Highlights: Physics at a CMS Tier 3
      Wei Li (MIT)/TBD
      Technology Tuesday II - Focus on Grid Computing
      Brian Bockelman, Igor Sfiligoi (UCSD)
      Dinner (Elements Cafe, Sponsored by Dell)
       Martin Conference Center, Rotunda
      OSG Virtual Organizations -  Status and Outlook
      (USATLAS, CMS, ALICE, CDF, DZERO, LIGO, ENGAGE, HCC, Intensity SBGrid, Glue-X, Belle-2). 
      Chander Sehgal (Fermilab), Peter Doherty (HMS)
       11:00-11:40 Keynote: Science Highlights - LHC
      John Huth
      OSG Status
      Paul Avery (U Florida), Ruth Pordes (Fermilab)
      Challenges of OSG technology Miron Livny (OSG)
       2:00-2:40 Global Cyberinfrastructure Panel S. Newhouse (EGI),  P.Papadopoulos (SDSC), J. Caballero (OSG Outreach to Americas), W. Gentzsch (DEISA),
       2:40-3:30 US Cyberinfrastructure Panel M. Livny (OSG), J. Towns (Teragrid), R. Moore (Teragrid), P. Maechling (SCEC), R. Eigenmann  (NEES)
      HTPC Technology Panel  
      J McGee (UNC-CH), D Fraser (Argonne National Lab), Ray Scott (Carnegie Mellon)
       4:30-5:00 OSG Technology Panel
      A. Roy (UWisconsin-Madison), I. Sfiligoi (UCSD), J. Hover (Brookhaven), I. Stokes-Rees (HMS)
       5:00-5:30 Resource Sharing Panel F. Wuerthwein (UCSD), R. Gardner (UChicago), D. Fraser (Argonne)
       5:30-7:00 Reception
      Computing for Clinical, Pharmaceutical and Basic Life Science Research  CLSB, 3rd floor. 3 Blackfan Circle.
       9:00-1:00 Talk with the OSG Experts
      Marco Mambelli (UChicago), Gordon Hall, Harvard Medical School
       2:00-6:00 OSG Council Meeting
      Paul Avery, Kent Blackburn
       7:00-9:00 Council Dinner
       9:00-1:00 OSG Council Meeting, cont.
      Paul Avery, Kent Blackburn
      * confirmed