Welcome to the wholly unofficial—yet entirely useful—ALEA Social Conscience Technology Teaching site. This site is dedicated to encouraging and empowering teachers to integrate technology into their Social Conscience Curriculum. It is intended to be a platform to share resources, support teachers, and sustain connections to the essential learnings from this conference and to each other. This site is editable by anyone. Please do so. Feel free to add, edit, and share any resources or tips you have successfullly used in your quest to create socially engaged students. I look forward to seeing how you have used your gifts to bring students to awareness, emotional engagement, and action.

Blessings on your journey, 
Rob Ferrin


Connect to the world. Find ways to engage and be informed with what matters to you: social networks, blogs, micro blogs, RSS, Q&A sites, etc. If it has the power to connect or collaborate, it goes here.


A primary element of Social Conscience Education is moving students from Self-Centered worldview to an Other-Centered worldview. These sites and sources have proven effective in expanding student worldview.


Forgot who you met, what they teach, or where they teach it? Place your name and contact information here.


Keep the conversations going here. Have a question? Wish to pose an idea or gain some feedback? Place your question or topic here.


What passages and sage sayings have inspired you? Post quotes or passages that you have encountered. Insights from your students and ALEA conference speakers are most welcome!


Wish to share successful lessons, curriculum overviews, articles, keynotes, videos, etc? Upload them to share with the Social Conscience Curriculum Library.

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