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Religion U4

Religion – Unit 4


Important points:

Reflection: What questions, thoughts, or reactions do you have to the lesson? How is your picture of the Holy Spirit the same or different than your picture of Jesus?

Resurrection and the promise of the Holy Spirit

 Women of Jesus' family came to his burial ground. When they came there they found that his tomb was open and his body lost. Then two angels appeared, "Why do you look in the dead, for a man in the living?" they asked. The women knelt before the angels in fear. "He has told you. He would be dead for three days, and then he would rise." The women ran to Jesus' disciples. "Jesus has arisen" they cried. The disciples were uncertain but then Jesus himself arrived to greet them. The disciples were shocked but Jesus proved to them of his life and asked them for food. Then he promised them that another savior The Holy Spirit would guide the world. 

 In the end Jesus rose because he had one last preaching to do. What amazes me is that even though there was no proof of Jesus' existence, his preaching  spread through the world. Still spreading to this day. Such is the power of goods deeds. 

The Coming of the Holy Spirit

 At Pentecost Jesus' disciples met together. As they met flames suddenly descended onto each of their heads. The flames enabled them to speak different languages, hereby allowing them to spread the message of Christ all over the world.

 The message I got from the story was that the holy spirit was signalizing that the christian belief can be anyone's belief. Not based on color, actions, but on soul.

Fruit of the Spirit

 The Holy Ghost represents Love, Joy , Peace , Patience , Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, and Self Control. 

 The holy Ghost tells our world to live Gods way, and he tells us directly that the only way to really live is this way.

Boldness in the Spirit

 This story is about Peter and John, who get captured by the Pharisees who want them to stop spreading word of Jesus. These men also inherit the power to heal and bring bliss to many people. After they are released the men continue on praying, not losing hope. 

 I think this story is telling us not to give up on the things that we believe in. Also it shows that God has undying support for whoever stands for what is right. 

Conviction of the Spirit



Joy of the Spirit




In this unit, you’ve learned about the Holy Spirit.

Based on all these lessons, what pictures come to mind when you think about the Holy Spirit? How is your understanding of the Holy Spirit different than your understanding of the Holy Spirit?


Your Task
Create a visual representation of the Holy Spirit. Your visual may be two- or three-dimensional. It can be real-looking or abstract, a sketch, or a computer graphic created through Pages. But, the visual must demonstrate your understanding of the Holy Spirit.


You may use visuals in the class “Christian Studies” folder if you want. You might also want to look at as well as Bibles.

You “Meet Expectations” for the unit if your visual includes representations from the stories in the unit. Your work “Exceed Expectations” if your visual shows or explains how the Holy Spirit impacts the world or your life.