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Study and Career Options in Biological Science, Monday 9 October 2017

posted 27 Sep 2017, 17:09 by Jackie Yun Kiu Wong   [ updated 27 Sep 2017, 17:10 ]
You are invited to join the upcoming Study and Career Options in Biological Science event at the British Council.

This event is an opportunity for students, parents and school counsellors to learn about career paths in Biological Science, and which university courses can get you there. Academics from leading UK universities and working professionals will discuss career options, their experiences, and answer your questions, such as
  • Which careers are available related to Biological Science?
  • What transferable skills will studying Biological Science give me?
  • What do different jobs involve?
  • How should I prepare for a Science career?
  • Which skills and personal qualities do I need?

Speakers will address the following topics:
  • Neuroscience - Understanding the Brain
  • Molecules to mankind
  • Professional skills development and careers in Biosciences
  • How can you use biology to respond to Global Challenges in the 21st Century