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HIT/DOV Program Information

“H.I.T.” stands for “Homes In Trouble”, which is unfortunately a present tense statement reflecting the current condition of American families. “NO MORE” is a statement of hope for change, where love, honor, dignity, trust, peace and serenity can be restored to hurting people.

(DOV) stands for "Dynamics Of Violence" and is identified by the logo of a bird of peace (dove) eclipsed by a bolt of lightning. Thus signifying what effect violence has on peace.  This is our longer term program. 

The H.I.T. No More and Dynamics of Violence (DOV) programs hold separate (once weekly) two-hour classes for men and women, and are gender specific in order to address their individual needs. The partner of either the victim or the batterer is encouraged to attend and influenced to do so partly by our policy of charging only one partner. (The victim is never charged for services). Each participant is provided with a loose-leaf manual/workbook, which is used in a planned progressive program, designed to offer the tools necessary for each person to make long term change and stop any and all forms of abuse.

The format is a combination of lecture/psycho-educational group study with interactive participation, and the objective is not only to stop any abuse, but “if possible” (without placing the victim(s) in further danger) to also restore the family unit. We are certified to present the Duluth Model, which has been adapted and used to enhance other parts of our program.

Topics addressed in the program include but are not limited to:

Power & Control; Attitude; Is it Love or is it Addiction?; Consequences of Abuse; Anger vs. Rage; Anger & Coping with Stress; Things That Make Us Angry; Self Statements For Preparing/Dealing With Conflict; Stalking; Child Abuse vs. Child Nurturing; Accepting Responsibility; Accountability; Cycle of Violence; Time Out Agreement; Recognizing & Establishing Healthy/Bonded Relationships; Victim Empathy; Communication Skills; Substance Abuse and Violence; Relationship Inventory; How Not to Fight Dirty; A Personal Fearless Moral Inventory; Shame and Guilt; Life Span Development; and How to Forgive & the Consequences of Unforgiveness.

You do not need to be ordered or referred by any agency in order to attend our program, however our program is funded by the participants in our men’s group, or mandated female. (Note: Number of classes required to attend will be determined by the court or referring agency, and can be up to 52 weeks). If a couple attends, the male is charged the standard fee and the female partner may attend the women’s class for the cost of their workbook only.

Clients must call and register
in advance for their first class and attend an orientation. (See telephone numbers on home page).  In Springfield, classes are held at Macedonia Baptist Church which is located at 3110 W. Sunshine St. (between the Auto Auction and Surplus City) in Springfield, Mo.  65802  For other information about the church and a map and/or driving directions you may want to go to:  www.macedoniabc.com.  Branson classes are held at the Barrington Inn, which is located on Shepherd of the Hills Parkway.  Classes in Mountain Grove are held at the First Baptist Church.

There are no State certification requirements in Missouri for anger management/domestic violence/assaultive-aggressive programs, however H.I.T. No More is a member of the (MCADSV) Mo Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence (click on to go to their web site) and is required to comply with their "Standards For Batterers Programs".  Our Executive Director (Larry Copelin) was elected to the Board of Directors of MCADSV in 2009 and as a representative of the Southwest Missouri Region.  Over the past 25 years, Mr. Copelin has presented in excess of an estimated 15,000 hours of classroom instruction to domestic violence offenders and/or victims.  Our staff has almost 75 years of combined experience in the field of domestic violence.  We have been the program of choice for the courts, attorneys, DSS and the Missouri Alliance for Children and Families (MACF), and the Mo. State Office of Probation & Parole in order to deal with domestic violence offenders in the counties of Greene, Christian, Polk, Webster, Wright, Howell, Taney & Stone as well as a number of others.