Why a Teachmeet and why in December????

Research clearly shows that teachers that take part in regular CPD are more effective in the classroom.  The traditional model of CPD where we go out of school for a day - take part in a days INSET of varying quality and then get back to the day job is thankfully evolving.   New technologies of networking are emerging, the explosion of Twitter and Google+ mean we can have a support network of other like minded professionals that number in the thousands.  The use of screencasts and webinars have saved schools thousands but, nothing can really beat meeting people face to face and finding out what works for them in a classroom.

A teachmeet is an informal gathering of professionals who are prepared to share what they know works, in their classroom, for a short period of time - usually 3 to 5 mins.  In a normal teachmeet you will listen to around 15 different speakers all united on a common theme whether it be technology, learning or leadership.  You would have to go on a huge amount of INSET to beat the amount of information you can glean in one teachmeet.

One of the challenges that face school leaders today is how to reduce the variation in practice in school - how do we share what the best of us do with everyone?  Teachmeets are one way in which we can showcase what works in our lessons - it isn’t very British to stand up and say,                       

“I like using this and it works for me” but we could save ourselves a lot of time and trouble if we shared some of the outstanding practice in our classrooms.

Our theme for the evening will be learning @HBS.  11 staff will present and share a few ideas from their teaching. We will also have a keynote from Ross Morrison McGill - someone who knows a lot about teachmeets and has recently written a book about tweaking teaching and learning.

Moonshot Thinking

My favourite part of the moonshot video embedded here is the section about the Polynesian Islander who one day decided to point his canoe in the opposite direction to normal. We sometimes think that changing our world requires some monumental effort but it can begin with a slight tweak, a different approach to our teaching or a chance conversation to inspire a student.

Big things results from small changes. I hope that you take away at least 1 strategy or resource from this teachmeet and try it in your teaching. I hope that you feel inspired by the actions of our 12 presenters and, ideally, feel confident enough to share your ideas with us at the next teachmeet event.