In order for us to receive funds from the federal government through ERate we are required to teach our students about digital citizenship at every grade level. We should teach digital citizenship when we are online anytime to help teach our children to be safe and appropriate online. To make this easier on you I have complied lesson plans, videos, and other resources together on this site to help you in this process. 

ERate is the funding that helps us provide each school with internet access and infrastructure support. It would be very difficult for us to provide you with internet access if we did not accept funds from ERate, so we must comply with their requirements. 

This year each grade level will need to complete all the lessons in their section. Instead of cramming it into 2 weeks you will have the entire semester to add it into your daily work as you see it fits best. It is important that we teach our students to be good digital citizens, so please take this seriously. Please have all lesson documentation is due to Dana Friel by December 16. 

If you have any questions please contact Dana Friel.