Hurricane Intermediate School Keyboarding
Luke Rowley
I have five great children & loving wife
love fishing and the outdoors
Life is good

 Note to Parents

If you have any computers that need work done
please bring them to the school and let
our Technology class fix them.  The only charge
to you will be if a piece of hardware needs to be replaced.  If a piece of hardware does need to be
replaced we will contact you before we order
any parts.
If you have any old computers that you have no
use for please donate them to the class for tare
down and reassembly practice.  

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We are using the Keyboarding online program.  The user name and password are both hurricane with no caps.
If you are having problems getting the keyboarding program to work down load Java at If you are having any problems or have any computer needs please call me.  Thank you for helping our students.

If you have any questions please email or call me.
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