The HIS HUSKIES Legacy Project

The HIS HUSKIES Legacy Project, a student-centered digital portfolio assignment, begins in grade 9 and finishes just prior to graduation.
In this long-spanning project, students document their growth and achievements through Hokkaido International School's HUSKIES, an acronym for the school's character development program, which can be seen below.

This site serves as a structural example for students to follow as they build their own digital portfolios, where they will add anecdotal evidence, artifacts of learning, and connective reflections to demonstrate their own growth as a global citizen.

Please use the centered HUSKIES navigation above to explore the structure of this site, making sure to structure your own legacy site the same way.


Honest Learners and Leaders who

• manage their lives with integrity

• make ethical and moral choices

• are self-motivated and self-directed

• transfer knowledge and skills to real-life situations

Understanding Collaborators who

• contribute to the betterment of groups

• analyze, evaluate and synthesize information

• work well with diverse individuals and situations

• actively participate in service

Solution Creators who

• persevere

• self reflect

• demonstrate resilience and flexibility

• strive for innovation

Knowledgeable Thinkers who

• show curiosity and interest in their world

• are confident and explore new experiences

• demonstrate purposeful creativity

• use multiple resources for research

Internationally Minded Citizens who

• display courtesy and respect for themselves and others

• are caring stewards of their own and the global  environment

• understand cultural and personal differences

Effective Communicators who

• actively and empathetically listen, speak and discuss

• read and write critically and effectively

• purposefully use technology

• express themselves through the arts

Socially & Personally Responsible Individuals who

• take ownership for their identity and actions

• demonstrate reliability and commitment

• manage personal resources

• pursue  physical and mental health