HIS graduates have gone on to study at colleges and universities in the US, UK, Japan, Korea, Australia, and Canada. Which country and which educational system is best for you?

A good place to start is to take some time to think about why it is you want to go to college in the first place and about what, once you get there, you hope to gain from it. The more thought you give now to what you want your college experience to be like, the easier time you’ll have deciding on which colleges to apply. If you were attending a public or private school in your “home” country, the odds are pretty good that you would be applying to universities within a few hours of your home. Your attendance at an international school has made you realize that there are a whole world of opportunities out there waiting for you. In fact, you have so many choices that it’s often difficult to know where to begin.

This site should help you (and your parents) to navigate through this difficult process as you begin to narrow the seemingly endless possibilities for the your future into realistic and fruitful choices as to where to pursue your undergraduate studies.

In addition to this site and the help you will receive from the college counselor and other staff, HIS often hosts college visits, when you will get a chance to talk to representatives from colleges all over the world.  Before these visits, check out this list of questions you might ask.  That link might be helpful during your college investigations as well.