My new album Not a Wave Goes by


i really do
i don't care
special love
till we cry
all of my heart
if you were here tonite
no me without you
if all it took
somebody knew
not a day goes by
she's part of me

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 This record is for my wife and best friend, Amy Michelle Yessian.  The songs were inspired by our great love and the great loss I suffered after cancer took her from me in 2006. The songs were written during our life together, after I lost her, and most recently, on my continuing journey.

It was Amy’s unconditional love for me and of life that inspired me to pick up my guitar again, write and record this CD

When I first began writing some of these songs, I was immersed in unbearable grief and sadness. What I didn't realize then but do now, is that these songs were a special gift from Amy to help me find my way.

I believe Music can be healing.  If my words find you in your darkness, know that you are not alone.  And perhaps one day, you too will be inspired to share your experience with others as I have tried to do through this record.   Peace*Love , Jimmy

Amy and I first climbed the bluffs above Zuma beach after moving from New York to  
California many years ago in November. Amy said it was the most beautiful spot  she’d ever been
to. As we sat there, eyes wide open taking in the amazing  sights, smells, and sounds from the
majestic bluffs, a school of dolphins  suddenly appeared playing in the white foam waters below
us. Amy smiled  with a wall of teeth like a little child who had just opened the very  Christmas
gift she had been wishing for but didn’t think she'd get. We  watched the dolphins swimming,
appearing and disappearing in the yankee  blue waters. We both laughed with joy as I held her
in my arms. All that  day she could not stop talking about seeing dolphins in the wild,  playing
right beneath us.

On November 2nd 2009 at 9:40am, exactly three  years to the minute when I lost her to cancer,
I returned to those bluffs  and freed Amy's ashes back to the sand and sea she loved so much.
First I  put my handprint in the wet sand, then placed her ashes in my palm print and  watched
as the waves rushed over us. I moved up and down the beach  repeating this many times. It felt
as though Amy and I were together again  playing in the sand without a care in the world.
I then climbed to the top  of the bluffs and buried some of her ashes in a deep hole I’d dug
in the  sand, along with one of the small Polar Bear figures she had given me and a  favorite
picture of the two of us. I took the rest of her ashes and let  them fly off the bluffs, sailing into
the beautiful calling waters. I felt  at that moment Amy was finally free and would get to spend
eternity in a  place she loved.

As I walked back to our '94 Explorer, head down hiding  silent tears, a young lady called out
and said "Are you watching this"? I  said “What"? She pointed below the bluffs where I'd just
been. I looked up  to see a school of dolphins swimming and playing right where, just  minutes
before, I'd set Amy free. Her dolphins had returned to escort her  on her journey home...

"I eased my hand into wet sand
part of me rushed  out to sea
and in the wake her eyes still shine
not a wave goes by I  don't cry"

My love for you will never die, Jimmy

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