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Chemistry/Physics students: Please visit our Learning Central website for ALL class materials. Click link to the right! Learning Central site 

Students please feel free to come in for help anytime before school after 7:30 am in room 195 or after school in 190. Always look in the science office 185 since I do move around from time to time:)
I am also available in the science office 185 during 4 - 6th and 9th periods. Making an appointment is highly encouraged to make sure I am available.

1st Period = MAGO Room 195
2nd Period = MAGO Room 195
3rd Period = MAGO Room 195
4th - 6th = Available for help in Room 185
7/8 = Chem/Phys Room 190
9th = MAGO Room 195
10th = Available for help in Room 18
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