Contact Information

Mike Jazak
email - mjazak@hinsdale86.org
phone - 630-570-8527

                                 Daily Schedule

Period 1 -       Room 132 - Biology General
                                                                   Period 2 -       Room 132 - Biology General
                                                                   Period 3 -       Room 132 - Biology General
                                                                   Period 4 -       Lunch - Off
                                                                   Period 5/6 -   Room 132 - Biology General
                                                                   Period 7/8 -   Room 185 - Prep
                                                                   Period 9 -       Room 132 - Biology Regular
                                                                   Period 10 -     Room 185 - Prep

Course Guidelines

For a copy of my general syllabus handed out to all my classes please click this LINK.  It includes classroom rules and guidelines I use to provide a positive experience for all students.  I teach two different classes of biology and each have slightly different requirements and student expectations.  If you would like to see a specific course syllabus please click the link in the upper left of the screen. 

Course Information

Please pick the course you would like additional information about from the top left corner of the screen located below Home.  Under each course you will find the syllabus for the requested course and a calendar to class assignments and test dates.

Where can you find me before or after school?

 I am usually in the school most days by 7:30 AM and leave around 4:00 PM but some days life can impact these times.  The two places that you may find me would be in room 132 or the science office room 185.   I also coach chess after school three days a week from October to March which makes me unavailable some days after school.  If you would like to meet for help in any form I recommend contacting me ahead of time to make sure I am available.  We can schedule a time and place to meet to help answer any questions or concerns you have with the course.      

Academic Performance

Please access Home Access on the Hinsdale Central Website for a current snapshot of the performance of each student in my class.  If a student has a zero for an assignment this means the assignment was never turned in and the due date has passed.  This assignment can be completed before the unit exam for half credit.  If a student has ABS for an assignment this means the student was absent the day the assignment was due and/or the day the assignment was assigned.  This assignment can be completed for full credit.

If you believe there is a problem with a student's grade or would like to discuss ways a student can improve in class please contact me.  I am a big believer in a student learning how to take responsibility for their own education.  I try to teach students to advocate for themselves.  Students please come talk to me as soon as you have an issue and we can find a way to resolve it as soon as possible.  Parents please encourage your student to take the first step to reach out to fix the problem.  Feel free to follow up after the student and I have discussed the problem.