Hinsdale District 86 Operation Snowball

2019 Teen Directors: 

Dahlia Banks (South)

Ginny Hurst (Central)

Kiswa Malik (Central)

Spencer Staak (South)

2019 Student Staff:

              Central:      South:

              David Molfese     Madilyn Farago

              Kim Jaramillo     Henry Sullivan

              Ash Murphy     Judi Nwonye

              Nikki Hutten     Kimberly Thui

              Maia Groom     Rachel Sitasz

              Rebecca Dolan     Sierra Carder

              Tanner Carter     Elijah Banks

                                                                             Katherine Carder

                                                                             Josh Hargrove

                                                                             Becca Baudhuin

                                                                             Gina Pochocki

                                                                             Cora Dempsey

Hinsdale District #86 Operation Snowball



November 7-9, 2019


Participant Registration available: Monday, September 16

Teen Staff Ropes Course: Friday, September 27

Participant Registrations DUE: Monday, September 30

Teen Staff Friday Meetings: September 13, 20 & October 4,11,18

Adult & Teen Staff Training : Monday, October 21 @ 4pm - 8pm @ South


What is Snowball?


            -        Snowball is a teen-directed and staffed organization that will take you on a three-day overnight trip    

            -        Snowball helps you develop self-awareness and esteem through making positive choices

            -        Snowball will help you be a leader and have healthy relationships 

            -        Snowball is a program that will assist you in understanding the reward of keeping an ATOD 

                (alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs) free lifestyle


What do you do at Snowball?


            -        Snowball is a retreat at a Camp in Illinois that goes from Thursday to Saturday

            -        The retreat is in a comfortable setting without judgments and with lots of laughter

            -        You will realize that lots of amazing people in high school are also ATOD free and make healthy decisions

            -        You will make friends that will last forever

            -        You will get to hang out and have fun with people from both South and Central!


2016 Adult/Teen Staff Video 



When is Snowball?


            -        Snowball has a retreat in the fall. We leave Thursday afternoon and return Saturday 

                afternoon. You can sign up for the retreat Now    

           -        In addition to the retreat, we have follow-up meetings once a month


Is it like Snowflake?

            -        Yes! Only better.

            -        It is held away from school for 3 days

            -        It covers the same issues, just more in-depth 


Who will I contact to be a part of Snowball?

Hinsdale Central:


    -        Mrs. Cave–  Room 113

    -        jcave@hinsdale86.org


    -        Mr. Hutcheon - Room 113



Hinsdale South:

-    Mrs. Proutsos – Room 320


-        Mrs. Betker – Room 245


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