Welcome to Ms. Cheney's Strategies for Learning  website. 

Strategies for Learning
Most days, homework assignments from the relevant 8th grade teachers will be posted.  In addition, helpful information about organization, study skills, etc. will be provided. 
A message for students:  Rely on your agendas first!  You are responsible for writing nightly homework assignments in your agenda.  You may use this website if you forgot to write an assignment down or if you were absent from class.   

A message for parents:  Please use this site to gain a quick-overview of your student's homework for the evening.  Teachers may change their homework assignment, so you should rely on your student's agenda for changes as well as the content teacher's website if one is available.

Organization/Time Management Support
Check out "My Study Life" Chromebook app!  It can be a great way to keep all assignments organized, and check for overdue assignments!  Great alternative to an agenda book.

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