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EXTRA HELP in Room 276 (DAILY!)--after school (drop ins okay!!) and before school (by appointment please!!!)

*LATEST GROUP EMAILS (for Q3 Midquarter)WENT OUT on Monday, 3/4/19 or Tuesday, 3/5/19 (next one to go out at start of Quarter 4)

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Here's what you need to do whenever you're absent from class:

1) Click on class page to record homework assigned that day, and

2) Click on link for that chapter to download any notes/handouts pertaining to that day's lesson (should be able to look under textbook section and/or title of assignment's topic!)

Check here for the latest graded assignments in your class.

Check here for study tips, homework tips, and other school tips.

Contact Mr. Burke


(781) 741-1560 x2076

Room # 276


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