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Work Party: Saturday April 22nd 2017

Dear club members, please join us to help with misc. tasks in the maintenance and beautification of the club. If you have friends that would like to help, they are welcomed!

We will offer lunch so please RSVP so that we can plan accordingly

Sign up at:  manager@hillsideclub.org

On the task list:

rake leaves
prep front for garden tour in may
clean gutters
back yard maintenance: move redwood chips from back to front?
straighten out green room linen closet if needed
ladies' lounge bathroom door needs work (hinges)
bathroom  window (ladies) needs work sanding, painting, fix so it shuts tight
chair repairs: put aside chairs that need fixing  eg chair seat ripped, handle pulls out, seat needs nailing down; fix what can be fixed

closet door  (where chairs are kept) needs sanding
2 Bike racks near curb need to  be painted.Front porch and handicap railing needs painting (touching up)

Frame around bulletin board needs painting  (touching up)

Sign up at:  manager@hillsideclub.org

Volunteers needed! Gardeners! Members!
Save-the-date 7 May 2017
2017 Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour*

This year the Hillside Club will be among the featured native plant gardens on this annual tour in Alameda and Contra Costa counties – we seek your support in our Hillside Club Native Plant Propagation Project NOW.

All you gardeners -- As you prepare your gardens for winter – collect native plant seeds, divide your overgrown native plants, make stem and root and leaf cuttings.  Keep the seeds dry, and the cuttings watered through winter for transplanting in Spring!

Non-gardeners and gardeners -- Join us for the Hillside Club April work party, where we will transplant all of our newly propagated native plants. If you’re a beginner – join us then to learn these simple techniques of native plant propagation to benefit our environment. We will also need to weed, and tidy the garden.

On the day of the event, Sunday, 7 May 2017, 10:00am – 4:00pm, we will need Greeters (you do not need to know about native plants!), as well as Garden Assistants (who do know about native plants). Keep your eye out for more information to follow in the coming months.

Here is how the Hillside Club native plant garden will be featured:

The Hillside Club

2286 Cedar Street


1,500 sq. ft., 80% native. Garden was installed in 2010 by volunteers.

 Years on Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour – New this year!

Showcase Feature

Inspired by the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour, long-time attendees and volunteers Carol Bier and Jana Olson eyed the large juniper hedge, agapanthus, and holly in front of the nearly hundred year old Hillside Club (founded in 1898 by women intent in preserving the natural beauty of the hills), and replaced the exotics with an inviting mix of elegant native azaleas, California lilac, currant, ferns, and more, that all thrive in the shade of mature sycamore trees.

Gardening for Wildlife

The native plants in this garden provide nectar, seeds, and berries for butterflies, native bees, and birds.  Native bees adore the California lilac, which, in addition to delighting the bees, creates a screen from the street, and thrives on the sunny edge of the garden.

Other Garden Attractions
∙ The redwood bench was designed by Julia Morgan, and recreated using her moulds.
∙  Bicyclists can lock their bikes against the custom-made hand-wrought bike racks.
∙ This garden is watered once every two weeks in the summer.
∙ Tours of the historic Hillside Club will be offered, morning and afternoon. Are you interested in making friends while celebrating the arts and culture? New members are welcome!  Ask how you can join.
∙  Restrooms are available.
*Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour is an exciting annual event, organized by Kathy Kramer, http://www.bringingbackthenatives.net

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