Board members are elected by the members for a one-year term.
The term year runs from June through May.
Committee chairs are appointed by the President.

2016-2017 Board of Directors

1st Vice President     

2nd Vice President



Financial Secretary   

Director at Large 

Director at Large  

Director at Large      

Resident Manager
K9 Mascot        

Committee Chairs:

Building Committee

Volunteer Committee

Hospitality Committee

Dinner Committee

Potluck Committee 

Member's Art Committee

Membership Committee  

Rental Committee

Landscape Committee

Music Director                  

Mari Litsky

Rick Rogers

Shireen Burns

Marlene Walters

Greg Connaughton

Dwight Grant

Ruth Grimes

Carol Bier

Jan Robitscher

Araceli Kopiloff
Bella  (

Tim Hansen and Roger Carr

co-chair Katharine Mieszkowski co-chair Nina Davis

co-chair Lisa Bruce  co-chair Mollie Hazen

Nina Davis, Katharine Mieszkowski, Mari Litsky

Allen Holub

Paul Litsky, Tim Hansen

Charlene  Woodcock

Bruce Koball

Jana Olson,Carol Bier, Lynn Davis, Karen Folger-Jacobs,Richard Yoder,Liza Malm, Charlene Woodcock, John and Betsy Daley,Mary Yoder

Bruce Koball

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