Cultural Taster
Last Wednesday Rata Syndicate had a great morning of tasting foods from the different cultures in our school. We all challenged ourselves and tried food that we haven't had before, trying not to judge them by their looks alone.

Thank you to everyone who dressed up and brought some delicious food along to share.

Cultural Show Performance
Here is the video for the Pakistani dance we are performing at the Cultural Show on Friday 1 December.
The boys know that at the moment we are not learning any moves from 0:24 to 1:20.
Please help your child familiarise themself with these moves up until 2:50.

Poetry Recital

In Week 8 of Term 3 all students in Rata will be reciting a poem of their choice to their class. 
Then 4 students from each class will be chosen to recite their poems in the syndicate finals on Friday 22 September (Week 9).
 Below is the timetable for Room 17's recitals.


Room 17 are winners!!!
Congratulations and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped to support our school Spellathon. 
Room 17 raised the most money out of the 5 classes in Rata Syndicate, with $930. 
Therefore we have won a pizza lunch for the class.

To help celebrate Matariki (Maori New Year) Mrs Maiava worked with the class to make these stunning kites that stick the window with static electricity. The children have make some vibrant designs.

Wig Wednesday for Child Cancer
Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. The generosity of Room 17 alone raised a donation of $61. 

Samoan Language Week

What a great week of learning about the language and culture of Samoa in recognition of Samoan Language Week. We are very thankful to Mrs Tausisi, who came into our class and shared her Samoan stories, songs and traditions.

As a reminder of our magical assembly and wonderful learning, the Samoan children in Rata syndicate lei bombed a tree with the brightly coloured leis worn at assembly. They proudly wrapped their arms and

leis around the tree in recognition of their heritage and culture.

We were also the proud recipients, once again, of Greenie for keeping our classroom environment tidy.

Book Parade
Room 17 you were stellar! What amazing costumes you all wore. What a team! 
We love all the different types of books you read.



As part of our celebration of Samoan Language Week Rata are learning the song 'Islands' and will be singing this at our school assembly in Week 6. Please find the link below if you child would like to do some more practice at home.

Please note that we are celebrating Samoan Language Week a week later so that it doesn't get lost with Book Week, as they are both in Week 5.

Our Plastic Flower Garden and Collage Birds.

In Room 17 we love colour and beautiful things, so for our sculpture using recyclable materials we decided to reuse plastic bottles and make them into stunning flower garden where our birds could hang out. This was a monster team effort including the very kind parents who came in and helped us. We had such a good time making and colouring the wide variety of flowers for our garden. So a huge thank you to everyone who gave us bottles to use.  

Due to the light it was very hard to photograph in the class.
It will now be on display in our school reception area if you haven't had chance to see it as yet.

YAY!!! We got our parcel from our new friends in Pukeko Class at Granity School.
It was so exciting to open up our parcel from Pukeko class and we had a wonderful time reading and sharing their very cool poems, information and photos. We were especially lucky to be sent a stone from their beach which a parent had very kindly and beautifully painted a mandala on. It sits with our gemstone eggs in the basket at the front of our class. 



We are luck enough to be selected to be paired up with a small rural school, Granity School, on the West Coast of the South Island. This opportunity was given to us by School Kit and Warehouse Stationery who are encouraging children to still keep in touch the old fashioned way, by writing to one another. 

We had so much fun and gain an amazing amount of learning from the activities that we were given to do. I am extremely proud of everyone in Room 17 that did their utmost best contributing to this work. Our envelope was collected last Friday and is on its way down south. We are very eagerly awaiting our envelope from Granity School.  May this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The postcards come together as a poster. On each postcard we wrote what we thought was the best line from our poem. 


We had so much fun gathering all the information for our poster about our class. In the envelope is our secret classroom map (on the right).


Room 17 had a really interesting lesson at the local Visy MRF (pronounced "murf"). We learnt so much from Caroline, our VISY educator. Now it is our turn to educate our friends and family.  The first thing we have done is add an extra rubbish bin into our classroom to collect soft plastics.  Soft plastics are those plastics that can't be put in your normal recycle bin and that can be scrunched up. There are special collection bins for these at your local supermarket. In those bins you can put shopping bags, packaging from your groceries like chip packets, even the plastic wrapping from your toilet paper packs. If you can scrunch it up and it's clean you can recycle it and it will be recycled into plastic furniture. Sure beats taking 1,000 years to breakdown in our landfill.

This term we are fortunate enough to have Jamie, from Texas, and Kara, from Canada, here to teach us how to play softball. So far we have learnt about the bases, how to throw and catch with a glove and how to bat. Here is a little of what we have done so far...

Softball & Room 17


We started our new topic of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by putting all the rubbish we generated for the day, including from our lunchboxes, into the one rubbish bin.  After lunch we emptied our bin and looked at what Room 17 threw out that day. 

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Room 17 is a Year 3/4 class in Rata Syndicate.

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