BRinging Internet and Devices for Global Education

To prepare and inspire all students for life-long success, Hillsboro ISD uses Instructional Technology as one way of teaching the skills, knowledge and behaviors students will need as responsible citizens in the global community. Excellence in education requires that technology is seamlessly integrated throughout the education program so that students use it in a variety of ways for collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking. HISD was awarded the 2014-2016 TEA Technology Lending Program Grant in the amount of $99,472.00, and used those awarded funds to increase access to 21st century skills. With that award, we piloted a 1:1 iPad initiative with the 2014-2015 9th grade to provided iPads for each 9th grade student and offered them 24/7 accessibility to their learning.

The individual use of technology has provided a way to empower students to maximize their full potential and to prepare them for college and the workplace. Because of our District Beliefs and the success of the initial pilot, the district has continued to provide a device for each incoming 9th grade student. The 2015-2016 9th graders also received iPads and the 2016-17 9th graders will receive touchscreen Chromebooks.

An important component of the program is the education about digital citizenship and appropriate online behaviors that is provided to the students before they receive their devices. We review cyber-safety rules with students frequently throughout the school year, and offer reminders and reinforcement about safe online behaviors.