This site is meant to provide you with information about what your children are learning each year, and let you know how you can help at home.  There are a number of links to resources and programs.

Where do I start?
Click on your child's grade level below. 
  https://sites.google.com/a/hillsboro-indians.org/parent-curriculum-site/home/2nd-grade    6th Grade   

If you have any questions about curriculum, instruction, or assessment, please contact the Hillsboro City Schools curriculum specialists:

Alicia Sellins, Hillsboro Elementary School, English Language Arts
asellins@hillsboro-indians.org, (937)393-3132 ext. 5101

Shelley Beumer, Hillsboro High School, Math
mbeumer@hillsboro-indians.org, (937)393-3485 ext. 1322

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