What is Kagan

What are Kagan Structures?

Structures are simple, step-by-step instructional strategies. Most Kagan Structures are designed to increase student engagement and cooperation. Kagan Publishing and Professional Development is all about engagement! Central to most Kagan publications and workshops are Kagan Structures. You've probably heard of some popular Kagan Structures including Numbered Heads TogetherTimed Pair ShareRallyRobin, and Quiz-Quiz-Trade. Those Kagan Structures, and many more, are now used world-wide from kindergarten to adult education, in all academic subject areas to boost student engagement and learning.

What are the basic principles of Kagan Cooperative Learning?

The basic principles of good cooperative learning are that:

1) The learning task promotes teamwork and students experience themselves as being on the same side;

2) Each student is held accountable for their individual contribution;

3) Students participate about equally; and

4) Many students are engaged at once.

What is Kagan?

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