What San Diego Eats:
A Senior Urban Ecology Project

High Tech High International
Contact: Colleen Gavan (instructor
Urban Ecology website

Click on the map points below to learn more about San Diego families and the foods they eat.

Where does our food come from?
How are our every day food choices connected to the environment and global/local socio-economic issues? Why are people starving when there is a surplus of food?

Based on the book What The World Eats, by Peter Menzel & Faith D'Aluisio, students are making photographs of local families with a week's worth of the food they eat. They are investigating our current food system and after gathering and analyzing data students will compile their photos and essays into a book.

Student food articles and quotes from their project reflections:
Coming Soon!

Student data analysis.....also coming soon!

Essential Project Questions

  • San Diegans and food:
    • How do eating habits differ based on demographics? How do culture and ethnicity influence eating habits? What are the commonalities in the eating habits of San Diegans? How does food fit into the daily lives of San Diegans?
    • Who is suffering from hunger in San Diego? What is being done about the issue?
    • Where does most of our food come from and how much is wasted?
    • What are the environmental costs of food packaging?
  • What the World Eats makes the observation that for the first time in history more people are overfed than underfed. Why do you think this is so? If we have a surplus in food why are people still starving?
  • Why are the rates of childhood obesity and type 2 Diabetes soaring in developed countries?
  • How has industrial agriculture affected world hunger?
  • What is food security and how does it relate to environmental issues?
  • What will the future look like for food production?
  • What can we do to positively contribute to the local food system?
  • What can we do to help eradicate local and world hunger?