Data Collection and Graphing (DCG)
  • DCG .1(A) I understand and can identify the difference between independent, dependent, and controlled variables. (Resource 1) (Resource 2) (Resource 3)
  • DCG .2(A) I can achieve a reasonable amount of precision in my measurements and know how to identify (and deal with) "bad data".
  • DCG .3(A) I can construct and clearly label/annotate data tables according to the guidelines discussed in class.
  • DCG .4(B) I can graph experimental data according to the guidelines discussed in class.
  • DCG .5(B) Given a formal data table or graph, I can identify and describe relationships between variables.

Make-Up Procedure: 
  • DCG .1(A) Come up with a unique experiment that you think is interesting. The experiment must involve a proposed relationship between two variables and have clearly identifiable independent & dependent variables. Submit the following online (note: this is for a new experiment that you thought up, not for the pendulum lab. Also, you do not have to perform the new experiment, just discuss the items below.):
    • A description of the Experiment, including: what the experiment is, why it's interesting to you, and how you would perform it.
    • The "purpose" of the experiment (you can look at the "purpose" of previous experiments to see what this looks like).
    • Describe which variable is independent, which is dependent, and clearly explain your reasoning.
  • DCG .2(A) After you perform our next laboratory, please submit the following online (using your new laboratory, not the one you missed):
    • Describe your thought process (in regards to precision of measurements) as you set-up your experiment. Your description should include what you did, and why you did it. This may include responses to things like:
      • How big of an interval did you measure?
      • How many trials did you perform?
      • How did you account for the inaccuracy of a stopwatch?
      • If you identified any bad data, explain how you dealt with it. If you didn't identify any bad data, explain how you would have dealt with it.
  • DCG .3(A) Show me the finished data tables from your next lab before school, after school, or at lunch.
  • DCG .4(B) Show me the finished graph from your next lab before school, after school, or at lunch.
  • DCG .5(B) Show me the finished data tables and graph from your next lab, along with a description of what the relationship between the variables is, and your written justification for making that determination. Do this before school, after school, or at lunch.