School Design Plan


Essential question


Mentoring & Supporting Teachers

How can we best support teachers in reflecting on and improving their practice?


Establishing Adult Learning Communities

How can we distribute facilitative leadership to create teacher-driven schools?


Allocating Resources & Budgeting

How can we best utilize school resources to maximize student learning outcomes?


Facilities & Building Design

How can our schools be designed to support teacher collaboration and the creation and curation of beautiful work?


Fostering Positive School Culture

How can we foster an environment that is safe, respectful and supportive, while incorporating the voices of both students and families?


Understanding Issues of Equity & Diversity

 What role can schools play in equalizing educational opportunities and outcomes for students?


Utilizing Student Data

How can schools make effective and intelligent use of data to drive continuous school improvement?            


Leadership Philosophy

What is my philosophy of school leadership?


College Advising Models

How can school structures and practices support college acceptance and completion for all students?


Re-integrating Schools

How can we create schools that integrate diverse students, technical and academic learning and the world of adolescents and adults in the community?


School Ethics & Law

How can we make use of school law and case studies to inform our leadership practices?


School Reform

How is our work grounded in the school reform movement and where are we headed?


School Opening

How can professional development before the school year begins unite teachers around a shared mission and purpose?