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Chicano Park Photo Essay

             Right off the buss awaiting Dr.P's                                                                                   Waiting for the trolley to come.
       announcement before we get onto a trolley.

Left some students behind just waiting for them to arrive.         It used to be a building but they tore it down, but they left this wall.

       In Barrio Logan walking towards Chicano Park.                                  Entering the park on a beautiful day.

First mural I see and I was already impressed.                 Where we met our tour guides. They do ceremonial dances and                    
                                                                                                 events here. Also provided very nice shade.

Mural of Coatlicue Earth Goddess to the Aztecs.       Chicano Park union emblem. Our tour guide is the one on the far left.

     Even the benches were art pieces.                                             Mural of the Virgin Marry.

Very impressed how they upkeep these murals and repaint them.  One of the generals in the war for Mexican Independence.

Originally the park was suppose to go all the way to the bay.      Controversial because of the burning S.D.P.D.

             The first mural of Chicano Park                                            Mural of the eagle and snake. After our tour we headed   
                                                                                                              to lunch then back to school.