This website is deigned to help educators and school leaders design projects and set up a culture of critique, celebration, connection, project-based learning and innovation in their classrooms and schools.  Within this site, you will find resources for the first few weeks of school, induction projects meant to inspire your thinking as you set out to design projects of your own, protocols and examples of how to present beautiful work at your site, math resources with a project-based learning style, and tools for project development.

This website was organized by Chris Wakefield (9th Grade Math/Science HTHMA Digital Portfolio) and Cady Staff (8th Grade Humanities HTMCV Digital Porfolio).
If you get a chance, please check out these videos:

For a step-by-step guide to planning projects, here is a link to Work that Matters: The Teacher's Guide to Project-Based Learning.

PREZI to introduce Project-Based Learning to your staff (using downloadable/ printable Project Cards from HTH) to help teachers brainstorm driving questions and products.

Google Presentation introducing project-based learning, guiding a group through a project card gallery walk and presenting peer critique.


Lillian Hsu's resource of video resource of "HTH Structures in Action".

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