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Flash Animation

You have admired the education animations you have seen on Brainpop, now it is your chance to create a flash animation to accompany your End of the World Project article that you are writing.  

You will first need to learn some of these basic skills: 
  • understand how to navigate Flash, locate the stage, properties panel, library, toolbar and timeline.
  • understand different drawing modes

  • use of the basic drawing tools (shapes, lines, paint brush/bucket, pencil)
  • insert frames (F5),  keyframes (F6) and blank keyframes (F7)
  • modifying object colors (solid color, linear gradient and radial gradient)
  • use motion tween and associated effects (enlarge, alpha, ease, skew, rotation, other filters)
  • create symbols (graphic and movie clip)
To test your skills of these basic skills you will create a mini project (see specifications below).