Graduate School of Education

Thinking, Writing and Research


                                                                                                                                                                           I am the daughter of two life-time teachers. Having often been in an environment that allowed continued learning opportunities on a daily basis has always been appealing. To create, inspire and work with young people is the pursuit of one of my deepest passions.

Currently I have been teaching for ten years. A highlight of my career was in 2008 when I accepted a full time position at Hilltop High School in the Sweetwater Union High School District teaching drama. This was my original introduction to project based learning. Through this experience I experimented with structuring student centered projects that allowed the engagement of multiple modalities. The success that I found in this approach drove me toward High Tech High's design principles and eventually lead to my current position as a 12th grade English teacher on High Tech High's Chula Vista campus.

Having finished my first year of graduate school with High Tech High's Graduate School of Education in the Leading Schools cohort, I am looking forward to this my second and final year. Currently I am working on implementation of a mentor course on our campus at High Tech High Chula Vista. This action research consumes much of my time and thoughts. Thankfully, I am passionate about the work I am doing, so it has been extremely rewarding to be part of the GSE.