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2013 Season Information

Information (Updated August 18, 2013)

Remember, “playing the game, teaches the game.”

Tryouts and Placements



The last days of tryouts are on August 19 (5pm-7pm) & August 20 (4pm-6pm).  Both tryouts will be at Pacific Beach Recreation Center (1405 Diamond St.). If you have missed last week's tryouts, it is imperative that you come to these last two session as tryouts will close on Aug 20. All athletes will be evaluated for placement during tryouts. The coaching staff will determine placements and will send out an email the night of August 20. 

All athletes will be trying out for one of three competitive teams: Varsity, Junior Varsity or Novice.  

The Varsity team will carry between 10-12 players and is our most competitive team.  The Varsity team will be the best 10-12 players at tryouts.  These players should have the discipline, determination, skill and desire to compete at the highest level of their ability, while being humble to learn and be coachable while putting the team first before self.   Player’s match participation will be limited to the starting 6 or 7.  Playing time is earned not guaranteed.

The Junior Varsity will carry 12-15 players and is the next competitive team after varsity. The JV team will be the next 12-15 players who have the same resolve to perform at a high level but lack the skills or experience as the varsity players.  These players should have the discipline, determination and desire to compete, while being humble to learn and be coachable while putting the team first before self. They will be taught the same defensive and offensive systems which are being used by the varsity team, at the same time they will get additional skills coaching to provide each player success in the program.  

The Novice team will carry 12-15 players and will only carry freshman and sophomores. The Novice team will be 12-15 players who are the future of our program. These players will be taught the skills to become an all-around solid player.  These players will be taught how to be disciplined, understand what determination can provide and experience the desire to compete, while learning to be humble and coachable. They will understand what it means and how important it is to put the team first before their self.  Players will be taught the same defensive and offensive systems which will be used throughout the program. 

Everyone must tryout during the tryout period to be placed on one of the competitive teams. Placement on a competitive team last season does not guarantee a spot for this season. All others who are not placed on a competitive team will be placed on the Red Shirt team.  Red shirts will receive letters and will be able to practice, however they will not be issued a uniform or play in matches during the season. 

Furthermore, placement on any of the team rosters does not guarantee that an athlete will play in any scrimmage or matches during the season. 

First Practices

The first VARSITY practice will be on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 from 5-7pm @ Tierrasanta Rec center.

The first JV practice will be on Monday, August 26, 2013 from 5pm - 7pm @ PB Rec center.

The first NOVICE practice will be on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 from 430pm - 630pm @ HTH Lawn.

The first RED SHIRT practice will be on Friday, August 30, 2013 from 430pm - 630pm @ HTH Lawn.

There is an ALL TEAM (EVERYONE) meeting at Coach Law's classroom (HTMMA) on Friday, August 23, 2013 @ 4pm


In order to run the volleyball program for next season (gym rental, tournament fees, insurance, referee fees, equipment), costs come out to $250 per player.  Although this donation is not required to participate on the team, we strongly encourage you to donate to ensure that the program will continue in the future. Donations may be made payable to “HTH Girls Volleyball”

Game Schedule & X-Block

The official complete season and practice schedules will be handed out once placements are determined.  The calendar below is still subject to change. The first match for all competitive teams will be September 10.  
Most matches will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Please keep this in mind when choosing your X-block for Fall Semester as you will have some early dismissals prior to matches.


As you can see, we have vacancies both in the Novice Head coaching position as well as the Red Shirt coaching position.  If you know of any volunteers who would like to help coach these positions, please let me know.  Without coaches, we may not be able to field these teams.

HTH Volleyball 2013 Info

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