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Rube Goldberg


Rube Goldberg Groups


  • The final goal is to flip ON (UP) a light switch.
  • Each student must have a minimum of 3 systems (elements/stages).  Therefore each group must have a minimum of 12 systems (elements/stages).  There is no upper limitation. 
  • For the three required elements:
    • One must demonstrate a math/science concept already learned in class
    • Another must demonstrate a math/science concept that Mr. Law will teach (soon).
    • And yet another demonstrate a math/science concept of your choosing. 
  • For each of the elements, a placard must be made.  (specifications to be posted later)
  • One of the elements must have a (vertical) level change of at least 10” (inches).
  • A majority of the materials used should be in the theme of “School” (i.e. school supplies, items used in past projects)



Round 1 (Due Mon April 30, 2012)

Each student must draw a mock up/sketch of two their elements (either separately or together).

For each mock up/sketch (only two systems), it must have a title of the concept demonstrated & explain the concept demonstrated (about 2-3 sentences).  It must also have a materials list of all materials used.

Every group must have a mock of all elements together