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Angry Birds: Catapult Project

In this project we will not only build a catapult to launch stuff (then again, that is the coolest part of this project right?),

 but we will learn basic computer programming and use that knowledge to program an Arduino board:
An Arduino Uno Board
That Arduino board in turn will be the computer that will control our catapult's release angle, tension and trigger.  Excited?  Let's get started!!!


Arduino What I'm Doing

Arduino Audino

Anne Parnell                    Greta Freitag

Arduino Mountain High Enough



Barrack Arduino


Finding Arduino


Ian Arduino


Legend of Arduino

Panic at the Arduino!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Arduinos


The Walking Arduino


What Does The Arduino Say?


Yum Yum Arduino


All Arduino Rejects

Arduino Grande

Arduino Schwarzenegger

Elizabeth Liera          Lily DeTorres  

Arr-Too Arduino


Monique Mendez            Alex Lester

Call of Arduino

Falling in Arduinos

Grand Theft Arduino

Diego Ardilla     Charlie Cooper

Kim Arduino


Oooh Arduino

Somebody That I Used Arduino




Super Arduino Bros.

The Three Arduinos


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