Institutional Assessment Overview and Process

Institutional Assessment focuses explicitly on outcomes related to teaching and learning. 

Assessment is an ongoing process that uses the results from measured outcomes to improve programs. Both M.Ed. programs at the GSE are actively engaged in an assessment process, in order to improve and provide the highest quality program to our candidates and ultimately, their students.  Additionally, the Assessment process at the GSE aligns with the requirements of our accrediting agency, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Assessment at the GSE includes Annual Assessment of ILOs and PLOs.

The PLOs are examined on a cyclical basis, so that each outcome is examined every other year. Each year the results are documented in an Annual Assessment Report for each of the two M.Ed. programs offered at the GSE.  Program Assessment Plans can be found here.

ILOs are examined concurrently with PLOs: the results of the PLO assessments are synthesized in to an Annual Institutional Assessment.

Following the Annual Assessments of Program Learning Outcomes, each program completes a Program Review, which includes an analysis of data from previous annual assessments, a self-study, and an external evaluation. 

Institutional Assessment Cycle



Annual Program Assessment

Program Review

Institutional Review

 PLOs associated with ILO 1  



PLOs associated with ILO 2 and 3



Year 1


PLOs associated with ILO 1


Year 2


PLOs associated with ILO 2 and 3


Year 3


PLOs associated with ILO 1

Program Review based on Annual Assessment Reports from all cycles since last Program Review


Year 4


PLOs associated with ILO 2 and 3


Synthesize findings of the Program Review Reports and determine next steps

·    Quality Improvement Plan

·    Strategic Plan Revision and Budget Alignment

·    Evaluating the Review Processes

The Institutional Review team includes the President, School Leadership Director, Teacher Leadership Director and other appointed faculty and staff members. This team works together to use the data to improve the programs and operations at the Institution.  At the end of each cycle, assessment plans are made available for online viewing.

The GSE is a very small institution, and the faculty members work together on virtually every aspect of Assessment.  

The formal process for Institutional Assessment begins with the Program Directors and Administrative Dean, with the support of Instructors and GSE staff.  The information flows to the Institutional Assessment Team, is reviewed by the Chief Academic Officer and Academic Dean and is subject to 
the President's final approval.  (See attached Organizational Chart.)

Aligning Assessment with Strategic Planning
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