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The Book of Us

The Book of Us project is an anthology filled with stories and essays written by students in Dr. Patton's 10th grade class. We did this project to make the best piece of writing we have ever made. My piece was about the difference between motivation and dedication.

Real World Writing Purposes
The real world writing purposes are 6 different purposes for writing a piece and each have defining characteristics. The first purpose is to express and reflect, the writer describes their own experience and uses that experience to reflect on who they are or to reflect on whole world problems. The second purpose which is inform and explain is all about giving the reader information that they need to know. Evaluate and judge is the third writing purpose which involves a review of something such as a restaurant or a movie, but can also be for comparing two or more things. Inquire and explore is the fourth purpose for writing and this includes an open ended question or problem and discusses possible solutions for the problem. The fifth purpose; analyze and interpret is all about examining another piece and analyzing its content to reveal interesting facts. The last purpose which is taking a stand is for making an argument and proposing a solution to a specific problem. Students picked one of these purposes and wrote an essay or short story with these purposes in mind. The Book of Us is all about collecting these purpose driven stories into one big anthology.

1 Topic = 18 Topics

The point of this exercise was to turn one topic into eighteen topics so we could decide on what direction we really wanted to take the piece. We did this by looking back at the purposes of writing and seeing what different characteristics our essay or story could have based off the purposes that we looked at. An example of this would be the topic of traveling. Traveling would be my single topic but I can also have three other sub topics expressing and reflecting on my traveling experiences.  The same thing can be done for inform and explain and so forth. The purpose that I went for was evaluate and judge and I'm glad I did it because I was able to make a lot of solid points for both sides of the argument (Motivation vs. Dedication) based off of my own past experiences.  

5 Minute Quick-Writes
The 5 minute quick-writes we did in class were a chance to find out which direction we wanted to take our writing by using the different purposes of writing for our main topic that we chose. The 5 minute quick-writes developed my ideas greatly by allowing myself to open up to a variety of purposes for my writing.

Down Draft

What it Means to be an Athlete

As I re-read this down draft I realize that the content that is there is good, but there is just not enough of it

Mentor Text

A mentor text is a text you look to for inspiration and advice for your own writing.  

My Mentor Texts:

These texts had a bit of influence on my work, and its mainly the ones that have the purpose of expressing and reflecting.

Feedback and Critique
We did a lot of critique of our writing but I can easily say the most useful critique was the no-critique critique because being able to look at other peoples work and taking some of their ideas was the most useful part of putting together my final draft. It helped me develop my piece by seeing a variety of writing styles, purposes, and topics. In my opinion the scissors critique was the least useful critique because splitting the paragraphs of the essay and rearranging them just doesn't work for the way my writing works. When I write There's a reason my paragraphs are in that order, and switching them around (specifically for this piece) would really screw it up. My advice is to only make students do the scissor critique and alternative critique for pieces that aren't meant to be chronological.

Final Draft

Motivation vs. Dedication

This is easily the best writing that I've done this year. I'm proud of this writing because its honest and from my experience and no one else. I was able to write it without worrying who i'm getting my information from and If i'm citing them correctly, which allowed me to empty my thoughts and experiences right into it. In my honest opinion nothing is missing from this piece it gets its point across efficiently and with style.

When I first started this project I wanted to write about traveling, but then I realized that I haven't done a lot of traveling so that topic wouldn't make for very good writing. As I started writing more drafts I realized that I wanted to write about something that had to do with athletics. Then I started to think about what athletics is really about, and what classifies someone as an athlete and that led to my first down draft. The first draft is all about What makes an athlete and I think it makes some valid points on what an athlete truly is, which is dedication towards a goal. My final draft is about Motivation vs. Dedication, specifically in athletics. The final draft expands greatly on the very basic ideas that were talked about in my down draft. It explains how motivation will only get you so far in athletics, and what truly matters is dedication to your sport if you want to continue reaching your goals. Something I can take away from this project is to always uphold a degree of high quality in my writing. This means that everything about the writing will be clear and specific, but also concise and efficient with its delivery.