2nd Quarter - Fall 2012: Clear Your Head / Meditation

Get some headspace! In this x-block we will learn about meditation and how we can benefit from its practices. We will start with guided meditations, reconnect with your mind and RELAX at the end of the day in a calm space. Learn about the different types of meditation and why meditation is so important for balancing the stresses of every day life. We will also be writing our own mantras to help inspire positive thinking.

Students are encouraged to bring a yoga mat or sit upon for comfortable siting / laying down. 

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Fall 2010-2012: Boot Camp Fitness

Description: Boot Camp Fitness will consist of a variety of cardio drills such as jumping jacks and short sprints and body-weight strength training exercises to provide you with the ultimate circuit workout! All exercises can be modified in order to cater to each individuals fitness levels. It's a great way to stay active, spend some time outside and break a healthy sweat.

Come to X-Block prepared:

- Please wear athletic shoes or running shoes, dress in athletic attire (ladies, the dress code still applies to x-block; gentleman, you may wear a non-collared shirt but must be a dress code acceptable t-shirt)

- Other things to bring to class which are optional: water bottle, sweat towel, yoga mat or large towel for exercises on the ground/grass, sunglasses or hat (we will be working out outside)

- Please note: if you come to Boot Camp Fitness unprepared and are unable to participate in the activity, then you will be considered absent. If you have a medical issue or injury that will prevent you from participating please email me in advance or come to me with a doctor or parents’ note

In the event that we cannot workout outside (due to weather): I will come up with another activity for that day which may include but is not limited to - sharing some health and fitness videos blogs and online resources; discussing healthy eating and cooking options; other...I am open to suggestions if / when this situation occurs!

Above all: Have fun! Set some goals for yourself and take advantage of the time in your day to be active!
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