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Habeus Corpus Persuasive Essay:

Essay Outline

Final Essay

Division of India Persuasive Essay


Final Essay

"Solving the Deficit" Debate Brief Document

This document was meant to prepare the parents who participated in our debate. We used a website that showed us some of the major items our country spends tax dollars. We used this document to explain all of them before we began to debate whether we should "Cut" or "Keep" each one. One of the major disagreements we ran into, was whether we should increase revenue or cut spending. In the end we were able to solve the deficit.

American Budget Brief


This project helped develop my writing so much. I learned to utilize outlines to improve organization of my writhing  I learned about how hard it can be to come to agreements with other people. I also learned so much about our government and how it operates and all the different ideas and ways people have to improve it. This was such a great learning experience for me, and the project taught me so much. 


"This is America" Simulation