Junior Internship

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iPol PowerPoint:

Internship PowerPoint


This year's internships were no different from last years. There were a few people in our class who waited till the last minute to get their internships, however most of them seemed like valuable experiences. Most would recommend their internship to others, and got a valuable experience out of it. 

My Experience: 

I interned at the Sanford Burnham medical research institute in the Jeffery Price lab. Their current focus is confocal microscopy and I spent my time designing parts for their open confocal microscope. I learned how to use Solidworks and was able to assemble the parts I created in a digital form to assure they would work. I then 3D printed the parts using a company called Shapeworks, and assembled them in real life. Everything worked perfectly, and I am happy with the results. One of the best things about my workplace was that they had reserved parking for Hybrid cars, that was in front of the reserved parking for important people. I also learned a lot about what it was like to work in a lab, and being a very social person, it was hard to have so little interaction with other people. I probably wouldn't go into a carrier exactly like this one, however, I am still interested in pursuing a career in Science or Engineering.

Pipette Art

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Today in class student created art using the Pipette tool. They sucked up small amounts of food coloring and released them in dots on a piece of parafilm.  You can see the art piece I created below.

What am I looking for in an Internship?

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I have always had a passion in technology and computers. I Enjoy building them and experimenting with them, so I know for sure that I would like the internship to involve computers in some way.  I also enjoy creating graphics and PR tools Using computer software  so I would enjoy having an internship that has to do with marketing. I shadowed a owner of a small marketing company geared toward small businesses  They create websites, business cards, booklets, to make small businesses look good and be successful. I also plan on interning with a company that sets up computers for new companies over the summer. He installs software and computers for small companies and big company's so that their employees have easily maintainable and reliable work computers. 

Second Semester Reflection

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Ben Staley: 2nd Semester Reflection

First Semester Reflection

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Semester Reflection

Writing Reflection

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Writing Reflection

Postcard workspace

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Photoshop Lessons: Reflection

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Layer masking is a tool that is very similar to the eraser but it does not delete any of the pixels, it creates a mask over them. When you're using the layer masking tool you can use the black brush to retrieve pixels that have been hidden and you can use the white brush to hide them. I picked up on this topic quickly and was able to cut out the flower from the background without any problems. These set of lessons taught me more that I was originally expecting, I am not a master of photoshop but I am confident in my abilities to overcome problems and eventually figure it out. Because of this I was not too excited about learning things that I already knew, but I was wrong. I learned lots of new keyboard shortcuts and I learned a whole new tool that I didn't know much about.

Photoshop Lessons: Pen Tool

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We used the Pen Tool to select the area/path around the background, then we selected the area we surrounded and removed the background using the masking tool.

     [^Before the Background was Removed^]
       [^After the Background was Removed^]

Photoshop Lessons: Layer Masking

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This lesson taught us how to use the Layer Masking tool, and here is a screenshot of what I accomplished with that tool. I cut away the background so it would only be the flower. I then added designs on each petal to change the flowers' appearance. This tool is useful in many instances and I will surely use it in the future.

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