11th Grade

11th Grade Projects

Throughout the year we are reading books alongside of our school work. Upon completion of these books, we write up a book report. These book reports include summaries of the plot, information about the author, our thoughts on the book and why we chose to read it. Click the image or the title to find out more.

Biology Field Outings

Each semester all students in the Biology class were required to complete at least one field outing. A field outing would be something enriching and helpful to the community. As an honors student I was required to complete at least two field outings. You can click on the link or the photo to learn about the field outings I participated in. Click the image or the title to find out more.

Oceans Away Project

This project was designed to spread awareness of Ocean Pollution. It is commonly believed that the Ocean is unlimited. That it is such a large body of water, it can never be exhausted. However this is completely untrue. If we continue to make waste that is toxic, it will eventually fill up this Earth because it is a closed system. Students used surveys, infographics, and presentations to spread this message. They also tested a few popular ocean getaways over the course of a year, and got some startling results. Click the image or the title to find out more.
Dec 6, 2013, 9:14 AM