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The Book of Us 2015

We did a writing piece based on what your passionate about. We have to get our piece proof read many times to make sure it is ready to go in The Book of Us,the reason we wrote about the things we are passionate about was because this is going to take our writing to the next level. My writing piece is about siblings and how we tend to argue with them to much, I talk about my experience with my two little sisters and how we didn't have a great bond because we would always fight. 

Real-world Field Guide 
Real-world writing purpose is a filed guide we used for our writing pieces. For the field guide we picked one topic that were writing about and split into 18 different topics that all relate to that one topic but those 18 topics were just different ways of writing your one topic

One topic = 18 Topics 
Trying to find 18 different topics that I can talk about that all relate to the one topic was difficult because I could only find 10 and I needed 8 more I couldn't think of anything. I tried to look at the ones that I have to spark some ideas so I can come up with 8 more topics and eventually I ended coming up with those topics that I needed. It really helped with finding out they way I want to write my one topic and I had 18 different topics to choose from. 

5 min Quick Writes
In the 5 minute Quick writes we would just jot down ideas or things we were thinking about adding to our writing piece.The quick writes helped in improving our drafts and we jotted down the feed back our peers gave us and he quick writes would also give us different topics to write about that we're passionate about.To me they really helped by getting me to realize that I wanted to write about sibling instead of music and both of those things are something passionate about. 

Down Draft
 As I went over my Down draft and was re-reading it I noticed how many run on sentences and how I didn't put any periods. When I usually write down drafts or just first drafts I just write down ideas that pop in my head and I don't worry about punctuation. I also started getting more ideas about my piece after re-reading my down draft so I decided to write them down and ask for critique to see which way I should write my piece. 

Below is a link to my Down draft 
Mentor Texts 
The Mentor Texts are other writing pieces that were related to our piece. What we did with the other writing pieces was read over them and taking things from the piece to help make our writing better. We took ideas that the pieces we read and add those ideas to our writing to make them stronger and better. The Mentor texts to me were something that could spark inspiration in our brains to help our writing piece grow. I read a piece about this person who wasn't a social person they were very shy and once she went to middle school she broke out of that shyness. I took the idea of breaking out of something that was holding you back from reaching something. 

Graphic Organizers 
There were four different graphic organizers that we used to help us improve our writing, Outline tribute sheet, Sensory images graphic organizer, Opening lines graphic organizer, and Proofreading checklist. Personally the Sensory images and the Outline tribute sheet really helped me in improving my piece and getting ideas to add to my writing. Those pieces are something that I would like to keep using if I ever have trouble with a writing piece. 

Feedback & Critique 
The are four different critique forms that we used which are Big picture,Scissors critique, No- critique, and Author led critique. The one I found most helpful was the Scissors critique and the Big picture critique the reason being was because the scissor critique helped me find different ways of structuring my piece and finding different ways to start and end my witting piece. The Big picture critique helped me find what points of my piece were strong and helped me find out what I could add or take away form my writing. I would like to use both of these pieces as I continue to write so I could gather feedback to make my writing better. 

Final Draft 
The thing I'm most proud of in this writing piece is what I actually wrote which was about how I wasn't really a good brother and how I changed that. I was really happy about how I changed the way I was with my sisters because now we have such a great bond and we can always have fun and laugh together. The only thing that I would add to the piece is just a moment where my sisters and I were bonding and having a great time but other than that I 'm really proud of my piece. I think that writing about something that I'm passionate about really pushes me to make my writing piece strong. 

When I first started this project I wanted to write about music because that was something that I am very passionate about I really can't go a day without listening to it. As I was writing I just couldn't find a way to start it or I was just not feeling it I tried different ways to start of my piece but it just wasn't working I wasn't proud of the way it was going.I then was thinking about something else that I'm passionate about and that is my sisters and being a big brother. I know that the first thing that pops into your head that you think you want to write about isn't probably going to be what you want to write about. I am going to just jot down ideas that I have so that I multiple topics that I would like to write about and make sure that I just start writing anything down so that maybe a spark inspiration goes off and I think of a great writing piece that I could create. I wouldn't changed anything about my writing piece I am really proud of the way came out and how it was something that I was passionate about. 

Below is a link to my Final Draft 


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