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Syrian Refugee Simulation Project

This project is about the Syrian Refugee Crisis that is currently going on right now in the world. The purpose of this project was to educate people about the refugee crisis and to spread the word out as far as possible. Our goal for this project was to give people a clear understanding of what refugees go through everyday of there life and the journey the take to get to a safe place. Throughout this project we hoped that we were going to be able to change the perspective of people who though that the Refugee Crisis wasn't important or actually inspire them to help spread the word or do what they can to help these refugees.

Process of how we decided to make a simulation: 
Before deciding to do a simulation as a way to educate people and open there minds about the Refugee Crisis we actually had different ideas on how we were going to do this project. We actually had a Socratic seminar about what we wanted our exhibition to look like, we talked about doing play, making a video game or do a simulation now the major two that everyone thought would be great were the play and simulation. We were broken up into two groups and each group decided on which format would be the best to help people understand more about the Refugee Crisis and how this is a major issue going on in the world. My group thought that the play would be cool to do but then thought would it actually give useful information about the Refugee Crisis or would it just leave people confused. We then ended up going with the simulation because its a great way to give information about the crisis and would be a great experience for people to go through and help them understand what refugees are put through everyday.

Event Sequence & Character Sheet
The Event Sequence is a map that shows the journey of a refugee that is traveling to a certain country so in this case my groups Event Sequence is a refugees journey to Denmark. My groups country was Denmark so there for my group and I created the Event Sequence of what a refugee would go through when trying to get accepted into Denmark. The Character sheet is different its basically writing piece about a character who is currently a refugee or was a refugee and what we wrote about was their journey to a country that would become their new home and what they went through and why they left Syria. Below is a link to the Event Sequence and my Character sheet.

Most Important Handout During Project
This particular handout to me was one of the most important because we actually had a guest speaker who was a refugee. As a class we were given the opportunity to ask any questions we had and were able to gain more information about refugees and anything that we were still unsure about. We took notes on all the questions that our classmates asked and with the answers that we received we used them to our best of abilities to help us make the simulation better and to gain even more information. All the questions that I wrote down where the ones that stuck our to me personally now some of the questions are simple but it was the response that was going to help me get a better understanding about what refugees are going through. 

Seven Station Models We Studied
This was a day that we worked our butts off because as everyone walked in class we were all surprised with a seventeen paged packet. Now the work was actually quite simple all we did was watch videos on other simulations people did and took notes on the videos. We took notes on things that would help make our simulation more realistic. We watched 7 different videos and each video was had unique way they did their simulations. I found this to actually be very useful because it would give us a better idea on how we would want our simulation to look and feel like. The notes that we took were going to help us in the long run with creating our simulation. The few ideas that came up from watching those 7 videos were to make fake barbwire, to dress like our character, to have them do what a refugee would have to do in a certain situation and have them be smuggled to certain countries. So as you can see those videos played a pretty big part in helping us create our simulation.

Station Research Document
Our Station Research Doc was used to help us write down notes,facts and any information we found about our country and what they were doing to help refugees. Each group member chose their own question to research on and added any information they found into their document. The process of this was actually quite smooth we all found out the information we needed pretty fast which was a plus for us because then we got a early start on our Vision Document. There were a few bumps during the research but nothing that held us back. There will be a link below this to my groups Station Research Doc.

Station Vision Document 
The Station Document was similar to the Research Doc but the difference is that in our Vision Doc we wrote more about how we wanted our country to look like in the simulation. We actually had to do more research about Denmark(My groups country) and how they treat refugees, how the border patrol looks like and the process the refugees have to go through to be accepted into Denmark. In this Doc we also added the path that they were going to go through when accepted in Denmark and the process they're going to take. My role in this was to look up/research how the refugees are treated in Denmark by the border police and by the citizens. The research was a smooth process I found the information I was looking for and more which gave me a chance to help my group members with their research. Below is a link to my groups Vision Doc 

Play Test 1, 2 and 3 
Our first play test was nothing more than to just get a feel on how we were going to do our simulation. We went out to the field and were in character to try to give off a realistic feel. But it was kind of hard because it was our first play test and at that time we were still developing information about our country.In the second play test we used cardboard as props for our simulation. We used the cardboard to give our country structure and to give us an idea of what props we are going to want for our actual simulation. Now in the third play test this where things changed because we already knew what we wanted the simulation to look like and what we were going to be doing in the simulation. The third play test we did were with the Freshmen(9th Graders) We were a little nervous because this was our first play test with an actual audience and we didn't know how it was going to turn out. The play test went really good there were a lot of comments from the Freshman saying that our play test was a real eye opener and that if felt realistic to the point where they knew what a refugee had to go through.

The Real Simulation (Exhibition Day) 
 Exhibition Day was really nerve-racking because we had all these people that were about to go through our simulation. As the parents started to enter the simulation they didn't know what to do and how to react and it was our job to educate them and to kind of guide them. I know that I speak for all my classmates when I say that during the simulation we were all in character and very professional and all worked very hard and were busy. In my opinion the experience of doing this simulation was fun and a real eye opener to the real world crisis that is currently going on. At the end of the simulation the parents were actually really shocked in how real our simulation felt and how they actually felt that fear that they were going to die or that they weren't going to be accepted to the country they traveled to. They thought our simulation helped them experience the life of a refugee and what they go through and the decisions they have to make in order to survive. 

One memory from this project that I'm going to have is really just the process of our project and seeing how we first started to the final product and how we've evolved. They're were a lot of fun times during the projects where the whole class discussed the refugee crisis and what we should be doing to help. The play test simulations is actually one of the most memorable parts from this project because I went from working in Denmark as a smuggler to a protester in Germany. The reason why I ended switching roles was because my group noticed that there was no need for a smuggler to guide people to Sweden if there was no actual Sweden country in our simulation. I ended up finding out that Germany needed and extra person to help with the protesting and I saw the perfect opportunity knowing that my characteristics fit the role perfectly. I was really proud with how the final simulation came out and how the parents were very shocked in how realistic it was and how mach information they gained from the experience.

Pics of refugee project