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Table of Contents—Vol. 1

WelcomeThe Editors

Recession hits high school—Ana Forsythe

Energy efficient businesses can save the economy—Rodrigo Arrieta

President Obama, listen here!Evan Lott

The better to unionize you with, my dear—Paul Santillan

Show me the money!—Aaron Rucinski

Going green to save the environment and economy—Amanda Alipio

Pneumonia strikes back!—Jeremy Sheahan

ARTS: a reason to survive. Or better yet, thrive!—Martin Arguelles

Authentic experiences—Jonathan Aguila

Reel to real—Vanessa Alcaraz

Getting your sea legs—Alison Haselbeck

My contribution to an anniversary retrespective concertDiana Barlow

A legacy painting—Diana Barlow

A day in the life of an intern—Luke Hatschbach

How the Naval Training Center changed—Daniel Ludolf

The one about Billy Martinez—Erin Skovmand 

Don’t peek!—Erin Skovmand 

The sky’s the limit—Stephen Pineda 

How robots help—Jake Neighbors

God’s kitchen counter—Wyatt Watt

San Diego model management—Kelsey Murphy

Starting in the world of work—Isaac Lira

CERT survive—Mariah Teemsma

JITLI: Livin’ the dream—Kevin Middleton

The value of experience—Jade Tyler

Life within the wildlife—Samantha Garrity

Pollution destroys the Tijuana River Valley—Stephanie Luna

Why there really are no borders—Esther Ballesteros

Teens take on adult world responsibilities—Ashley Matthews

It’s that time again—Mariah Morgan

Pleasantly surprised—Yesenia Aguayo

Will you choose your internship?—Kaory Hirata

Going back to elementary school—Stephanie Santiago

Determination & success—Jasmine Bell 

Internship survival guide—Dagney Hollmann

Beyond the world of internships—Yoselin Lopez

From the whiteboard to the workroom—Chandler Hood

It's maritime time!—David Ceballos

Funny looking water leads to unfunny results—Kevin Middleton

What can I do to help the environment?Alejandro Morales, Jasmine Bell & Ariannah Hood

How to renovate the United States’ energy use—Jacob Harris

What are the steps you need to take?—Joana Juarez

Striving to make California “eco-friendly”—Ariannah Hood

Water quality testing demands attention—Chandler Hood

Businessman—Leo Tabalon

Miss Independent learns a valuable lesson—Nyachare Gatkuoth

How internship benefited meSophie Santiago  

Elementary inspiration—Tania Gray

Taking lessons from 5th graders—Vanessa Segura

My mind wanders—Emilio Arteaga

Understanding myself through public relations—Sydney Lampe

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