Welcome to my High Tech High Graduate School of Eduction Teacher Leadership digital portfolio. "The mission of the HTH Graduate School of Education is to prepare reflective practitioner leaders to work with colleagues and communities to develop innovative, authentic, and rigorous learning environments. This mission parallels that of the High Tech High K-12 schools: to provide all students with an extraordinary project-based education and to graduate students who will succeed in post-secondary education and be thoughtful, engaged citizens."

I grew up in southern Florida in the little town of Deerfield Beach located just north of Fort Lauderdale. Living less then a mile from the beach and a few hours from the Florida Keys, most of my free time was spent in and around the very warm Atlantic ocean. I attended public schools including a pre-engineering magnet high school where I learned the basics of design. It is during this time that I met my best friend and wife. After high school I attended the University of Florida where I received my Bachelor in Science of Engineering with a specialization in Environmental Engineering. I worked as a project and field engineer for a division of Halliburton designing systems to clean up hazardous and petroleum contaminated sites throughout the country.

I found myself drawn to my wife’s elementary school classroom and the students who inspired me to bring the wonders of science and
technology into the classroom. In 1996 I transitioned into teaching high school AP Physics, Earth Science, and Pre Engineering at the same pre-engineering magnet school that I attended as a student. Additionally, I was fortunate to mentor a nationally acclaimed pre-engineering design team.

In 2000 we relocated to the San Diego area where I was again fortunate to be involved in several innovative programs. Through the creation of the Design and Technology Academy (D.a.T.A.) at Madison High School, the concepts of design and engineering were brought into the classroom.  In 2008 I joined the staff at High Tech High North County as a 9th grade math/physics teacher. Working closely with my teaching partner and fellow graduate school member, Kali Frederick, we have developed and continue to refine our student centered, cross-curricular, project based classroom of 56 students. We feel that by combining the topics of math, physics and humanities into each project allows for a more immersive and engaging environment for our students. We joined the High Tech High Graduate School of Eduction Teacher Leadership in order to jointly examine our practices through research, data collection and reflection with the ultimate goal of continued refinement and sharing of methods with fellow educators.