About Highpower

The Highpower discipline has been adopted from the US NRA with modifications to cope with the conditions in the UK.

The courses of fire were based around the M1 rifle which has a magazine restriction of 8 rounds. Competitions are designed to test the individual in both deliberate and rapid fire as well as positional shooting. The three positions used are standing, sitting and prone.

As the discipline is based originally on the M1 it only counts 'iron sights' scores in competitions but scores are recorded for those using optical sights. Additionally there are two categories used by competitors, 'service rifle' which cover those rifles in standard configuration and 'match rifle' for the rest of the 'iron sight' rifles.

For details of the variants of the competitions run by the HRA refer to the rules.

The HRA meets at Bisley once a month to shoot a scored competition. Members meet at 7.45-8.00 am in the 300yrd carpark on the right handside of Century range, which is halfway along the dirt track to Short Sibera range.

Our course of fire uses 88 rounds and includes a magazine change. We shoot 22rds at 200 yards standing slow fire, 22rds at 200yrds sitting rapid fire with one mag change, 22rds at 300 yards prone rapid fire with one mag change and 22rds at 600yrds prone slow fire.

Everyone attending is put into a squad and shares the marking responsibilities in the butts.