Welcome to the Hinckley Elementary Music Site.  Here you will find information about all the wonderful happenings in vocal music.  This site will be updated every month and will provide information as to what will be taking place in music class.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that may arise throughout the year.  Open communication is key to a successful year of music making.  I am extremely excited about this year and look forward to working with all of the students at Hinckley.  


The Olympics are a favorite of mine.  In the summer of 2021, the world had have their eyes, and ears, on Tokyo for the Summer Olympic Games.  In the winter of 2022, the world will, once again, have their attention on the winter games in Beijing, China.  So many great pieces of music come from the opening, and closing, ceremonies of the Olympic Games.  

The host country takes the opportunity to showcase their culture through music, stories, dance, and much more in the opening and closing ceremonies.  In 1996, Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympics and some great music came from those games including the song "Reach" sung Gloria Estefan and the song "The Power of the Dream" sung by Celine Dion.  In 1988, Seoul South Korea hosted the Olympics and Whitney Houston graced the world with the song "One Moment In Time."  These are just three of many wonderful pieces of music that came from the Olympic games.  Our music theme this year is music of the Olympic Games (including these four songs).

Make it a great year HORNETS!



At this point in time we are planning a return to live musical presentations this school year.  However, this could change at any given time depending on the current state of the pandemic in our school and county. 

On MARCH 3, 2022 the 3rd and 4th Graders will present "Mr. Bell's Magnificent Ringing Machine" at 7:00pm in the Hinckley Commons.  Please see the Musicals Page for more information.

On MAY12, 2022 the 1st and 2nd Graders will present "How Does Your Garden Grow?" at 7:00pm in the Hinckley Commons.  Please see the Musicals Page for more information.

On MAY 26, 2022 the Kindergarten classes will present a "Family Sing-a-long" at 2:30pm in the Hinckley Cafeteria.  This is a program for the family to attend and sing along with the Kindergarten students as they sing many of the songs they learn during music class throughout the year.  Please see the Musicals Page for more information.

Finally, JUNE 9, 2022 (tentative) the 5th Graders will perform a special presentation in conjunction with the recognition assembly.  The program this year is called "Blast from the Past" which will take us back to when these fifth graders first performed here at Hinckley. 

It is going to be a great year and I can't wait to share these special presentations with you.


Michael McClintock

Vocal Music Teacher and Band Instructor

Room 153

Email:  mmcclintock@highlandschools.org

Phone:  330-239-1901 ext. 3153