Elementary Guidance

Morgan Wetzel 
Elementary School Counselor

Where you can reach me..

Hinckley Elementary: Every Tuesday-ext. 3107

Granger Elementary:  Every Wednesday and Friday -ext. 2244

Sharon Elementary: Every Monday and Thursday -ext. 4438

Or always by email at... mwetzel@highlandschools.org

Vision Statement

All professional school counselors are dedicated to empowering every student to achieve academic success, personal and social growth, wellness and career exploration.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Highland Schools Counseling Program is to support all students academically, socially and personally. Promoting high standards and incorporating high expectations, school counselors, as professional school advocates, will provide a comprehensive, developmental school counseling program. School counselors strive to empower students to reach their full potential, and to achieve their personal and academic achievements.

The role of the school counselor in regards to confidentiality is:

Support the right to privacy, and protect confidential information.
To explain the meaning and limits of confidentiality to students.
To inform students and families of the limits of confidentiality when a student poses a danger to themselves or others, in cases of consultation with other professionals in support of the student.