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Board of Education Members

Board of Education
Front Row:  Joe Mott, Jim Gallatin, Robert Miller
Back Row:  Aaron Schuster, Zach Lewis, Rene' Friedel, David Raymond  

 Board Member  Position   Township Term 
 James Gallatin    President     Helvetia 2013-2021
 Joe Mott Vice President    Saline 2014-2019
 Rene' Friedel MemberSaline 2005-2021
 Zachary Lewis     Member Alhambra 2017-2021
 Robert Miller Member Helvetia 2015-2019
 David Raymond  Member Alhambra 2015-2019
Aaron Schuster     MemberSaline    2017-2021

Board of Education Email

To email the Board, please send correspondence to the above address.
Copies of all email will be included with the Board packet each month.