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'Dr-4-RE' is a Digital toolbox

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Welcome to our digital toolbox full of free & helpful resources for you. 

On the subject bar above you will find: 

Ebooks and pdf are in Downloads

Experience refugee life through RE Games like Dafur,  

Useful Links has NZQA, Vatican site and Youcat for research and Tools has software training links.

Garin classrooms will have a virtual focus which allow students to have on-going conversations with your teacher and fellow students. We will be using a 'collaborative learning style' where students will learn from each other - as well their teacher - this is done by discussing key 'concept questions' in small group periodically during class. 

Note for parents: We operate on THREE platforms: 

Find what works best for you (Google Classroom, Web page or Moodle). 

Parents you can find...class lectures, unit plan outlines, objectives & assessments. Just look for your students's year & topic in the subject bar above. 

Now when you ask your student "have you finished your homework?" 

You can check their Moodle assignment drop-boxes!