Headless Multi Vs Perpetual Interface

DUMBURNYou Beat All Round The Bush For Electronic Cropburstnorms were not icarus-in-blue-belltraced here by coins i usedtravel notes from happy england
GRID SCOUTruined hilltop castle bleached out abstraction i’ve had a fewpursued by 2 youths on a red bikemeet me at old gut formerly THE NETWORKTo Report Damage To This Shelter Dial 1-800-REDJAB
FROSTAINpersonal reboot doesn’t mean endless white parkcomplex overlapping winterblindfolded left of winter take caresoft glitter cosmos needs a pig war
BLOSSOM CLOCKreared in 3Dcute mutiny choke full of fightblue jab becausea 3rd team of white oxen & angels plough alongside us
BLIZZARDRILLINFINITY LEDGE weirds snapped it!my i-phone is being retrieved from the stomach of a fishwas taking a walk for pleasure blue notebookfound some floodlit wasteland
FLORESCENTcharged by a black knight red pig frosted treeexpress train fire scene lone fisherman black abstractthat was christian rockways that are fragile ways that are bright
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