Alison Auton

My name is Alison Auton. I'm excited about being in Kindergarten this year. This is my first year. I've taught in the Family Consumer Science department (what used to be home economics) in high school. I realized I enjoy teaching students about working with little people, I decided that I'd rather teach the little people. I most enjoy being with the younger students as they keep me active. They have so much to learn and are so excited to learn it. I want to teach Kindergarten because I love their desire to grow and learn more.
     After almost a whole year of me teaching kindergarten, I feel like I've learned more than I could have ever imagined. I love it!, We are at the end of the year and now doing the online distance learning as an effect of the Coronavirus. It is my desire to stay in touch on a weekly basis with my students and families of whom I serve.  I plan to make weekly phone calls, do zoom sessions at least 3 times a week: 
Monday at 11:00 am
Wednesday at 7:00 pm
Friday at 3:00 pm
I'm married to my husband, Tim. We have a daughter, Emma. She started pre-k this year. We read books and play pretend together a lot. Together as a family we enjoy camping, being on the lake and playing in the water. We attend church and I teach a group of Girls in Action in grades 1st - 3rd  on Wednesday nights.
     I have an associates degree in Early Childhood Education, a bachelor's degree in Family Consumer Science with a concentration in child development and a minor in psychology and a master's degree in Birth - Kindergarten.
     I work hard to meet the needs of the students in my class.  I'm excited about being at Southwest Primary and all this year holds. If you have a need that arises that I or we (at school) can assist you with, do not hesitate to contact me. My google voice number is 828-278-9542 and can be used for text messaging
or calling. My office hours are 11:00 am - 1:30 pm if you need me. You may also contact me through the remind app.

"Are you practicing . . . to get ready for 1st grade?"

1. 100 Fry sight words for Kindergarten
2. Counting to 100
3. Recognizing all letters and sounds
4. Writing your first and last name
5. Recognizing all 2D and 3D shapes
6. Reading books with someone
7. Knowing parts of a story: characters, setting and main idea